Trading Ideas – Performance Week 1 Feb 2013

Week 1 – Feb 2013 Trades

The first week of the Trading Ideas was exciting and eventful to say the least.


Trade 1 – NFLX Bear Call 

This was supposed to be a simple trade when we got the trade entry right. NFLX went down, and the Bear Call was immediately profitable. A Bull Put on the other side seemed safe, and the trade was converted into an Iron Condor and supposed to cruise toward expiry. A-ha..we had some surprises in store, but the trade worked out with a 14% return.


Trade 2 – CMG Iron Condor before earnings.

Gave a 10% buffer zone on either side.

CMG did not move much after earnings. We captured a 12% return the next morning or 80% of the max profit for the trade. Nice.


Trade 3 – AAPL Long Call.

Caught AAPL at a very good point before it made the big move up. Long Call converted to a Diagonal.

Captured $3000 profit, a 60% return on this trade.


Trade 4 – LNKD Iron Condor

Basking in glory from the CMG Iron Condor trade, we entered a similar LNKD trade.

LNKD blew through our Call spread by a mile –

But watch the amazing adjustments and how this trade ended.


Performance for the week – $7000, Return of 1.8% on the absolute portfolio.

Note: Trade Ideas are updated over the weekend. Our customers get real-time notification of all trades.

If you’d like to know more about the Trading Ideas service, please click here – 

Our new members have some feedback after the first week, check it out..https://optiontiger.com/testimonials/




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2 thoughts on “Trading Ideas – Performance Week 1 Feb 2013

    1. Paro, in general you don;t have to take action the same day. The trades are generally valid for the next day also we have a swing trading approach and any trade lasts for 2 weeks to 2 months. If its a shorter term trade for the day, you will know that in the alert itself.

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